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Herbal Tea’s - or rather Tisanes have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to treat numerous infections and diseases, boost the immune system, calm your nerves and sooth the soul. 

A delightful decoction of healing herbs, dried fruits, flowers, roots and leaves, spices, tree bark, nuts and seeds. 


                            “ We are all like tea for we don’t know 

                           our own strength until we’re in hot water” 



In no other system of the body is the connection between the physical and the psychological aspects of our being as apparent as in the nervous system. Therefor, if there is dis-ease on the psychological level, it will reflect in the physical; and when there is dis- ease on the physical, this will reflect on the psychological.

'' David Hoffmann ''




1. CHAOMILE - ( Matricaria Chamomilla )



2. PEPERMINT -  ( Mentha Piperita ) 


 3. LAVENDER - ( Lavandula Officinalis ) 


4. VALERIAN ROOT -  ( Valeriana Officinalis )

Commonly known as Natures Valium has been used for 


 5. LEMON BALM -  ( Melissa officinalis ) 




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